Dedicated to wildlife conservation, education, science and animal welfare.

Canada's Accredited Zoos and Aquariums - Aquariums et Zoos Accrédités du Canada (CAZA/AZAC) represents the leading zoological parks and aquariums in Canada. CAZA/AZAC promotes the welfare of, and encourages the advancement and improvement of, zoological parks, aquariums and related animal exhibits in Canada as humane agencies of recreation, education, conservation, and science.


CAZA/AZAC member institutions are dedicated to the highest standards of animal care. They nurture, protect and care for more than 100,000 animals representing over 2000 species. Often these animals are the last representatives of endangered species. Many of these endangered species survive because of ex-situ management programs.

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With their unflagging commitment to conservation education in living classrooms, accredited zoos and aquariums connect with approximately 11 million visitors annually, sharing information about the natural world, its varied species, the impact of human activities and the actions that need to be taken to protect it and its wild inhabitants.

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CAZA/AZAC members conduct active and collaborative research programs to better understand how to care for the animals in their facilities and also how to better conserve them in the wild. Research programs address areas as diverse as animal husbandry, reproduction, nutrition, behaviour and veterinary care.

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